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my name is julika and i am an illustrator and self-taught object designer. my designs and working processes are rooted in the arts and my work aims to tell stories through text, image and form.

to my mind, art is not primarily a cultural discipline open exclusively to some, but first and foremost a school of perception and expression, that is - in its freedom and individuality - an open invitation to everyone to perceive and express (more) freely.

my background in illustration and graphics provides the base for all my work. It always springs from the observation and/or (re)telling of a story, a scene, a feeling, a notion. my need for expression is pursued in the making of objects, drawing, writing or photography. studio julika hartz brings together these disciplines and allows for interplay between stories, objects, images and words.

if you have any questions, ideas for collaborations or simply some thoughts on my work or self that you would like to share, feel free to drop me a quick line - i'm always happy to hear from you!